BIG NEWS! My new gothic literary fiction novel is coming out on June 30th! I'm really excited about this one as I've been working on it for a long time, and it's the first book in a trilogy. Check out the awesome cover. Coming soon in eBook and Print!

The kind of ghost story that makes you want to check under your bed before you turn out the light, and sleep with one eye open. Gothic creepiness at its best.

Cousins Anna and Lucia Maron were only children when they saw something they didn’t quite understand and couldn’t quite explain—something that would change both of their lives forever. Now sixteen, sensible and studious Anna attends the prestigious Claymore Manor boarding school, and longs to fit in and to forget. When Lucia—ethereal, stunning, and only slightly sane—suddenly drops back into her cousin’s life begging for help, Anna has no choice but to take her in, though the very idea fills her with dread.

Over the next two days, as a snowstorm bears down on the campus, Lucia begins to infiltrate every aspect of Anna’s life—befriending Penelope, the beguiling classmate Anna had sought to impress, and Ben, the boy she had hoped to claim—and lays bare secrets that threaten to unravel Anna’s tightly ordered existence. As the true nature of Lucia’s madness becomes increasingly clear, a frantic Anna doesn’t know who to tell, who to trust, or who to save, and in the end, finds that these choices might just be made for her, with dire consequences.

Praise for Home

...while some may say this book left them asking one too many questions, I think that's exactly the beauty of it.

Charlene - goodreads reviewer

Praise for The Playhouse

This is a creepy story that I thoroughly enjoyed. ​

DJ Faz - Amazon reviewer


Praise for Hide and Seek

...a bit mysterious, not something that will be spoon-fed to you. But I found it compelling and haunting nonetheless. Londonmabel - goodreads reviewer


Praise for The Deed of the Monkeys

It's intriguing in a disturbing kind of a way, well-written and captivating.

Maia - Amazon reviewer


Praise for The Sickroom

What a sad story. Shayna Krishnasamy is a fascinating new author. Can't wait for the next one.

Kathi - goodreads reviewer
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