I started self-publishing in 2010 and never looked back! The books below can be purchased at various retailers including Kobo, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and more. Most of them are eBooks. Where a print version is available, a print ISBN is shown.

Macabre Montreal

eBook ISBN: 9781459742604

Print ISBN: 9781459742581

A collection of ghost stories, eerie encounters, and gruesome and ghastly true stories from the second most populous city in Canada.

Montreal is a city steeped in history and culture, but just beneath the pristine surface of this world-class city lie unsettling stories. Tales shared mostly in whispered tones about eerie phenomena, dark deeds, and disturbing legends that take place in haunted buildings, forgotten graveyards, and haunted pubs.

The dark of night reveals a very different city behind its beautiful European-style architecture and cobblestone streets. A city with buried secrets, alleyways that echo with the footsteps of ghostly spectres, memories of ghastly events, and unspeakable criminal acts.


ISBN: 9780981335209

Print ISBN: 9780981335292

Abandoned by her father and ostracized by her fellow villagers Shallah never imagined she would lead anything but a small solitary life. But when a mute boy is found on the green and the village council seems poised to cast him out she elects to accompany him home though she's no idea where it might be. Crippled by her own insecurities and the taunts of the village naysayers Shallah struggles to protect her remarkable young charge from larger-than-life enemies and an unavoidable fate too terrible to contemplate.​


Home is a full-length novel of 80,000 words.

The Sickroom

ISBN: 9780981335223

Jacob and Macon don't have anything in common. He's a thirteen-year-old city boy trying to find his place in the world and she's his little country cousin, the prodigy painter who hardly speaks. When Jacob is sent to stay with his Aunt and Uncle for the summer and falls ill he's exiled to the attic - the sickroom - and discovers his love of art in the paintings he finds there. Turning his back on his troubles back home Jacob launches himself into a friendship with the younger cousin he always ignored, a secret friendship. But secrets can be dangerous and when a tantalizing chance to reinvent himself arises Jacob makes a choice that changes both his life and Macon's forever.


The Sickroom is a novella of 22,000 words.

The Playhouse

ISBN: 9780981335254

Nine-year-old Benjy stalks up to an old house and hammers on the door. He’s looking for his sister. He’s furious with his sister. But the girl who opens the door isn’t his sister, or is she? A dark short story about what it’s like to be a kid in an adult world, and the lengths we’re willing to go to protect ourselves and the people we love from all the dangers and devils lurking inside The Playhouse.


The Playhouse is a short story of 9,700 words.

Hide and Seek

ISBN: 9780981335230

One winter's night two young girls venture out into a snowy neighbourhood to play a game of hide and seek. Only one will return home safely. But which will it be?

Will it be melancholy Clara the one who lags behind the one with the runny nose and the terrible secret? Or will it be playful Audrey the one with the mischievous smile the one who never looks for trouble because its always looking for her?

This is a story about the weight of loss, the importance of friendship and the courage of letting go. Two little girls: one who wants to be saved and one yearning to be lost. Who will win the game?



Hide and Seek is a short story of 9,600 words.


ISBN: 9780981335216

When a shy university sophomore begins to feel that her life is disintegrating around her, she's more than willing to accept glamorous Regan Lathie's offer of an escape - a room in her apartment, away from the campus. But only once she moves in does she understand the true height of Regan's status. As their friendship deepens and she is sucked further and further into Regan's world, she begins to see that being Regan Lathie, the girl everyone desires, isn't all it's cracked up to be, and coming back to herself might be the only way she can escape The Grimly Queen.


Regan is a novella of 23,000 words.

Former title: The Grimly Queen

The Deed of the Monkeys

ISBN: 9780981335247

At a quiet restaurant in an unnamed city a man and a woman sit across from each other. She is distraught. He is quickly drunk. Neither can stop thinking of what they've just seen - a deed so brutal, so terrible as to leave the woman in tears. Was it a moment of meaningless urban violence or was it something more? A tale about the things we do for love and the devilish monkey that dwells within us all.


The Deed of the Monkeys is a short story of 2,300 words.

Originally published in The Fiddlehead magazine.

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