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The Violent and Dead, Book 1

For fans of The Little Stranger and The Haunting of Hill House comes a riveting and elegantly chilling tale of secrets, lies, and things that creep in the night.

Anna Maron has always been the clever cousin, the older one. The follower of rules. Now sixteen, she attends the prestigious Claymore Manor boarding school, a place where girls find and lose themselves, and boys like Ben offer endless distraction. Where life seems almost normal, and Anna can ignore those things she longs to forget—like the things that she sees ... and wishes she didn't.

Anna has almost convinced herself that she’s not all that different, until her cousin Lucia shows up, bruised and battered, and desperate for help. Lucia, with her chilling charm and mystery. Lucia, who shares the same strange gift as Anna, but embraces it even as her hold on reality crumbles away. Now a snowstorm is moving in, and icy weather brings a reckoning of past and present ... and the living and dead.

In this deliciously unnerving contemporary gothic novel, Shayna Krishnasamy draws readers into a tale that uniquely explores the ties that bind, the lies we tell ourselves, and how some secrets only come alive in the dark.

Book no.1
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