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The Violent and Dead, Book 2

The next beautifully unsettling novel in Shayna Krishnasamy's haunting The Violent and Dead series...


It's been three years since the horrifying events at Claymore Manor school, and Anna Maron has moved on with her life. She attends university in Toronto and spends most of her time alone, avoiding the shadows. She’s resolved to let sleeping ghosts lie.


Only some ghosts won’t sleep.


Now her troubled cousin Lucia—newly released from a psych ward—has gone missing, and Anna is the only one who can find her. But to do so, Anna must let herself be drawn into the darkness of Lucia’s life, and face the damage the “gift” they share has done—a journey that lies somewhere between horror and madness.


In this beautifully chilling second book of her contemporary gothic series, author Shayna Krishnasamy draws us back into the haunting world of two young women bound by blood and driven to the very edges of this world... and the one beyond.


Praise for Come When I Call You

“A disturbing story of obsession and jealousy”—For the Love of Books

“ good you can't stop reading it”—The Overstuffed Bookshelf

“Krishnasamy’s writing will draw you in as the characters come vividly to life, making it nearly impossible to put this book down”—DarkestwingsReads

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