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They said she was a fool.

Shallah keeps to herself. Blinded at a young age, and orphaned soon after, she learned early that being alone is better than being a burden. Instead of hiding afraid in her cottage, she spends her nights exploring the deep forest that surrounds the village of Trallee. Shallah’s life is one of waiting—in darkness and in silence—until the day comes when she finds what she’s been waiting for.

They said she would die out there.

One morning, a mute little boy appears on the village green. Shallah is aghast when the villagers, already a fearful lot, turn on the child with dark skin and golden eyes. When they cast him out of Trallee into the deep dark wood from which none return, Shallah volunteers to go with him. To guide him home.

They said she would fail.

The blind girl and the mute boy venture into the woods, following the path north. Little do they know that the trees have eyes, the prophecies have already been set in motion, and someone or something is on their trail, and getting closer…

And she said, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

Book no.1
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