One winter's night two young girls venture out into a snowy neighbourhood to play a game of hide and seek. Only one will return home safely. But which will it be?


Will it be melancholy Clara, the one who lags behind, the one with the runny nose and the terrible secret? Or will it be playful Audrey, the one with the mischievous smile, the one who never looks for trouble because its always looking for her?


From the author of the bestselling novella The Sickroom comes a dark story about the weight of loss the importance of friendship and the courage of letting go. Two little girls: one who wants to be saved and one yearning to be lost. Who will win the game?


Nine-year-old Benjy stalks up to an old house and hammers on the door. He’s looking for his sister. He’s furious with his sister. But the girl who opens the door isn’t his sister, or is she?


From the bestselling author of Come When I Call You and Home comes a dark short story about what it’s like to be a kid in an adult world, and the lengths we’re willing to go to protect ourselves and the people we love from all the dangers and devils lurking inside The Playhouse.


At a quiet restaurant in an unnamed city, a man and a woman sit across from each other. She is distraught. He is quickly drunk. Neither can stop thinking of what they've just seen—a deed so brutal, so terrible as to leave the woman in tears.


Was it a moment of meaningless urban violence, or was it something more?


From the author of the dark short story Hide and Seek and the bestselling novella The Sickroom comes a tale about the things we do for love and the devilish monkey that dwells within us all.

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